MMU dealer escapes prison sentence because of her eczema

She enabled a £750 sale of cocaine

A 22 year old MMU student escaped a prison sentence, arguing it could have made her anxiety fuelled eczema worse.

In 2014, Poppy Murray pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine and other “recreational” drugs to Manchester’s party set for her younger brother, Joel. In May 2016 her brother, 19, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Joel pleaded guilty to possessing 2,030 MDMA tablets worth £6,090 and 606g of cannabis worth £8,480  following a drugs raid of the family home.

Poppy received a 12 month suspend sentence for 18 months and 80 hours of unpaid community work.

Joel's prison sentence is 7 years, whilst Poppy got a 12 month suspended sentence

Photo: Facebook

She acted as a go-between for her brother’s student drug dealing ring, enabling a £750 sale of cocaine, but claimed her actions were not “morally wrong”.

Richard English, her lawyer, said: “Using recreational drugs as students is not exceptional – in fact it is unexceptional. Miss Murray did not see anything morally wrong with what she did. However she now accepts plainly that it was wrong.”

Poppy's social media shows that she's able to leave her house in Manchester

Photo: Facebook

Apparently the stress of the case meant that Poppy left her course at Leeds University after she was scared to leave the house. She has since moved back to Manchester and is now studying Events Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Richard English said: “She is suffering from anxiety and she has eczema which is due to this case” and a prison sentence would only “blight” her bright future as an entrepreneur and business woman in Manchester.