Meet the girls playing in today’s varsity match

It’s not all about the boys

There’s still time to get your tickets to Varsity. Kick off is at 5:30pm for the girls match, then the boys at 7:45pm and it only costs a tenner. You’ve heard from the boys, now it’s the girl’s chance to have their voices heard.

Claire Gordon, Team Captain, second Year BioMed

Position: Hooker


Why did you start rugby?

I wanted to try something new & challenging

Best Rugby Moment

Winning our league game against Sheffield last year to win the league!

Who would you date on the team?

Eve Chaplin – have you seen her?

Rachael Harrison, fourth year Geography

Position: Prop


Why did you start rugby?

To carry on the family tradition

What do you enjoy most about rugby?

Meeting new people and playing as part of a team

Worst thing done when drunk?

I got lost in Melbourne for 5hours by myself. I ended up being 3km from where I lived.

Annie Lyles, fourth year Medicine

Position: 2nd Row


Best Rugby Moment

Scoring my first ever try at the Christie Cup

Why is woman’s rugby important?

Everyone should have an option to play the sport if they want to. It’s a game that anyone can play if they put their mind to it- it’s such an inclusive sport.

Date on the Team

Olivia – so I could date Nat as well

Suzanne Hodge, MRes Biological Sciences

Position: 2nd Row


Why start rugby?

I really enjoyed watching it and wanted to try and new sport that was not football

Enjoy most?

I love the welcoming atmosphere and how there is a place for everyone no matter your experience.

1 food for the rest of your life?

Spicy Rice

Erin Alexander, third year Geology

Position: Flanker


Best Rugby Moment

Winning the league last year

Why did you start playing rubgy?

My 2 older brothers played rugby. I thought anything they can do, I can most definitely do better.

Favourite Curry Mile Restaurant

Spicy Mint

Olivia Ball, Ma Political Theory

Position: 13


Best Moment

Winning the league!

1 food to eat for rest of life


Cassie Shilladay, third year nursing

Position: Flanker


Why did you start?

In middle school our rugby teacher used to play for England Ladies and it annoyed me that there was never a ladies team. When I went to high school they had a team so I joined.

What do you enjoy the most?

I love playing as part of a team. I also love running hard and smashing through the defensive line.

1 food


Megan Grant-Harris, fourth year Medicine

Position: Fly Half


Best Moment

Winning the Christie cup last year- 3 for 3!

Why is it important?

It encourages women to be confident and happy. It lets them known they are strong, powerful and capable of more than society will let them think

Adelaide Harris, third year Midwifery

Position: Second Row


Why did you start?

I started playing rugby in the final year of my last degree. I went to an away game to support a friend who’d started playing in 2nd. She said the social side was unrivaled, she was right! I some how ended up getting persuaded to play and the rest is history.

Why do you think womens rugby is important?

Rugby is a really physical sport and I think people are often really surprised that the women’s game is full contact. For me, it’s about not being bound by gender stereotypes or any stereotypes. Women don’t have to be dainty or wear pink (although, I LOVE pink), we’re a really diverse group of people. Rugby requires us to be physically and mentally strong. It allows us to be who we are and smash it out on the pitch like the best of them. You’ll never find a more welcoming bunch of people than a women’s rugby club.

What food would you choose if you could only eat one more for the rest of your life?

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be macaroni cheese, no contest!

Zoe Childs Ford, third year Medic


Position: Prop

Why did you start playing rugby?

I got to try playing rugby at secondary school and loved it! However I couldn’t find any women’s teams until I started at university. I joined the women’s team here in Manchester and I haven’t looked back!

Why is womens rugby important?

Theres a place for every single body type on the field. It teaches women that it doesn’t matter what you look like you are strong and powerful. You should love yourself not matter what you look like.

Favourite Club

UMWRFC of course!

Tasha Barnes, second year nursing

Position: Winger


Why did you start playing rugby?

I started playing because my brother did and I didn’t want to miss out

What do you enjoy most about playing rugby?

The thrill/adrenaline you get on the pitch is like no other sport I’ve played before! Plus I love the look of amazement on people’s faces when they hear I play rugby wither when I’m on placement or a night out etc.

Worst Chat-up Line been used on you

I’ve lost my teddy will you sleep with me?

Helen Brown, second year History

Position: Scrum Half


How did you start rugby?

I started aged about 13 because my big sister started and it looked like too much fun to be missing out on.

Thing I enjoy most about it as a sport?

The inclusivity. Whatever your shape or size there’s a place for you and it is giving young women the confidence they deserve.

Worst thing you’ve done on a night out?

Got ridiculously drunk at a social and had to be carried home. When they put me in my room I proceeded to take all of my clothes off in front of my team mates who I’d only known for about 3 weeks. I had also scratched my face by falling in brambles.