‘Killer clowns’ reportedly spotted in Manchester

One was arrested in Newcastle with a knife yesterday

Creepy ‘killer clowns’ have apparently been spotted around Manchester.

People on Twitter have been worked into a frenzy amid claims people dressed as creepy clowns have been seen around the city.

The craze, which started on college campuses in the US, now seems to have spread to UK soil.

No verified sightings have been confirmed, but people have reported seeing clowns jumping out of bushes and chasing pedestrians down the street.

Elsewhere in the UK, clown sightings have been rife in Newcastle, prompting Northumbria Police to issue a statement last night. It said: “Tonight, officers have arrested a teenage boy in Blakelaw in possession of a bladed article in connection with one of such clown incidents.

“This arrest should act as a clear warning to others who are actively seeking to cause distress and potentially harm others.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated by Northumbria Police and extra officers will be on hand to offer reassurance and catch those responsible for any criminal offences which have taken place.”

Now the trend seems to have spread to Manchester, and people are not happy.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Manchester has a lot of problems, but I never thought clowns would be one of them”.