R.I.P. Juicy: our weekly night of naughtiness

Wednesdays won’t be the same without it

Juicy on a Wednesday was one of the few good hip hop nights in Manchester, and for only two quid it was a cheap and cheerful night. In first year I remember going every week for literally about a month.


All smiles for Juicy

So obviously on the Wednesday of Fresher’s Week this year we decided to head down to Joshua Brooks. However, to my shock and dismay it wasn’t on. In its place was a night named ‘Get Diggity’. What? What was this night and where had my beloved Juicy gone. All I wanted to do was dance to some snoop dog and Kendrick Lamar in a cellar.

Back in simpler times

Back in simpler times

But I didn’t give up and the new name still screamed cheesy hip hop, so I thought why not try it out, so here is my review of Get Diggity and a eulogy to Juicy on a Wednesday (at Joshua Brooks).


One of the best things about Juicy was the tunes. As I write this now I am listening to a juicy mix (and trying not to cry). From Old RnB such as Missy Elliot or rapping the Busta Rhymes part in look at me now, it was perfect, one of the few nights where it isn’t crap techno where you can’t sing along.

Loving it

Loving it

So this was the one thing that worried me about going to Get Diggity, would the tunes live up to the heavenly chorus that was the Juicy DJ’s? The answer was actually yes. The music was pretty much a mirror image. So whilst it was hard to say goodbye to Juicy, this made it easier.

Club Photos 

Another thing that made Juicy was the photographer. He always managed to get the funniest photos. Such as this beauty below. RIP bad juicy photos.

Tongues out for Juicy

Photo: Dom Varden

Juicy good for making new friends

Photo: Dom Varden


Another one of the highlights of juicy, is the fact that Joshua Brooks feels like a tiny basement party, with little nooks and cranny’s. I mean we all used to love dancing in that hidden bit opposite the downstairs bar, you could twerk to your hearts content and no-one knew. But to my shock and horror there had been a refurb! Downstairs is now all just open. How dare they, I love dance floor adventures when I’m drunk.

Cheap and Cheerful

However the thing that made juicy the best night out, was the fact that it was only £2.00. I mean that’s less than a meal deal, less than a trip on a stagecoach bus without a pass, less than that takeaway you are probably going to order the day after. However Get Diggity is the exact same price, so no need to start riffling through that piggy bank for a Wednesday at Joshua Brooks, its still just as cheap (but slight less) cheerful.

Look still having fun at Get Diggity

Look still having fun at Get Diggity

So ultimately Get Diggity was the same in music, price and venue. So whilst the pain of losing Juicy on a Wednesday may be too hard to deal with right now, this night is pretty much a mirror image of it. Also Juicy is still on on a Friday at Gorilla, but Juicy without Joshua Brooks is like Ross without Rachel it just doesn’t work.

So whilst we come to terms with this loss some people had a few words to say;

Charlie, 3rd Year Ancient History – “I will miss the absolute tunes, and Oscar Wildstyle, especially seen as though I was the one who founded it for my mates.”

Ellie, 3rd year Pharmacology – “Where else can I go to hear five Beyonce songs in row?”

Isabella 3rd Year Geography – “Juicy…where every tune is a tune.”

Sathya 4th year German – “I cant even talk about it yet, its too raw.”