Stagecoach used a naked man on a bus to promote their new app

He was asking people to download the app there and then

In order to promote their new app, Stagecoach used a fully grown man in nothing but a towel on one of their afternoon bus services on Oxford Road.

They were attempting to make the point that you might save time to get ready in the mornings if you download their app, illustrated in a very literal form.


Features on offer with the new app include, setting up GPS to find your nearest bus stop, an A to B journey planner, live bus times and tickets available on your mobile.

They are also offering free mugs and chargers when you download the app and the opportunity to win an iPhone 7 or free bus travel for a year. They seem to be trying everything.


Roisin, third year English Literature student was innocently returning to Fallowfield when she was approached by the scantily clad man about downloading the app.

The moment was captured by Roisin on her bus journey

The moment was captured by Roisin on her bus journey

She told The Tab: “I reckon they were trying to make us uncomfortable so we did what they wanted.

“I have no storage so i got nothing out of the whole ordeal. I don’t like being spoken to on the bus, especially because im all gross and sweaty.”