Someone jumped out of a first floor window of Costa after thinking there was a terrorist attack

He broke his arm

A customer in Costa in Didsbury jumped out of a first floor window on Wednesday afternoon after mistaking the sound of trays falling for gunshots

The fall caused him to break his arm and frightened many of the other customers.

The man heard “gunshot-like” bangs and jumped head first out of the window of the first floor of the cafe.

The bangs turned out to be the sound of schoolchildren throwing trays onto the ground.

The other customers were “freaked-out” by the sounds and the commotion that followed.

This is where the events took place

This is where the events took place

One woman said “I was sitting having a coffee when there was a really loud shout.

“At first I thought it was just someone messing about, but then I heard some massive bangs.

“It sounded like shots were being fired. It was not just me who thought that.

“Other people were running around trying to get out on to the balcony but the door was locked.

“I think that’s why the man went for one of the front windows.

“When I looked round I could only see his feet hanging from the window. He was climbing out head first.

“To be honest I wasn’t surprised by his reaction because we all thought an attack was happening.


“It sounded like there was a shooting downstairs. I was expecting people wearing balaclavas and carrying guns to come upstairs.

“Afterwards one woman said the first thing she thought about was the Paris attacks.”

When a friend of one of the customers came upstairs, it became clear that the sounds were benign.

Police confirmed they had received reports of a disturbance at 3.50pm. A spokesman said the victim was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm via ambulance.

Someone working nearby said that they saw a group of schoolchildren running from the Costa around the time of the incident.

The police did not take any further action.