Stagecoach has brought in Manchester’s own version of an Oyster Card

No more searching for crumpled tickets after a night out

Manchester has now got its very own version of London’s Oyster Card in the form of a Stagecoach Smart Card.

In a bid to become greener, Stagecoach has introduced StagecoachSmart, a reusable travel card, to replace the paper mega riders.


Basically London

Like London’s Oyster Card, StagecoachSmart is fitted with an electronic chip that can be reused by topping them up online or on the bus.

The travel card has been in distribution in recent years for monthly travel users but starting this month, the cards will now be available for purchase on Greater Manchester buses.


Super sleek

On their website, Stagecoach said: “StagecoachSmart is now live across Manchester, offering our passengers more ways to save money and greater flexibility.

“Once you have a StagecoachSmart travel card you can use it again and again – so don’t throw it away. It’s so Smart you no longer need a paper ticket – your Stagecoach bus travel can be stored on your StagecoachSmart travel card.”

How modern.