Student put on Sexual Offender register after he was caught peeking at a man on the toilet

The man was caught in Man Met toilets

A PhD student has been caught peeking over a cubicle at a man on the toilet in the Man Met library.

David Paul Brown has been added to the Sexual Offender register after being caught peering over a cubicle in the Man Met library toilets.

The 45-year-old, who is studying for a PhD, was caught by CCTV cameras on 17 January 2015 as he was chased away from the toilets by the panicked victim.

Manchester Metropolitan University

The incident occurred at Manchester Metropolitan University

The man was not from Man Met uni.

Brown appeared at Manchester magistrates court on Wednesday and was found guilty of one charge. He was charged with observing a person doing a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

Robin Lynch, the prosecutor at the trial, said:”It was around 3.30pm at the library on Oxford Road when he entered the male toilets on the first floor.

“The victim was in a cubicle and heard shuffling noises. He looked up and saw a male looking down at him.

“He shouted at Brown, pulled up his trousers and chased after him”.

Although Brown initially got away, the victim reported it to the university’s security officers, who then checked the CCTV footage. Both CCTV and a swipe card entry system was used to trace Brown, who was later arrested.

The prosecutor said that Brown had denied the incident to police and instead claimed that he subject to a racially aggravated offence whilst in the toilets.

It was added that Brown has a history of 13 convictions, including dishonesty offences in 2014.

A personal statement from the victim was read out in court, which stated he now felt “worried” when using public toilets.

District Judge John Temperley told him: “It was an upsetting incident for the individual concerned.”

Brown has been ordered to a 12-month community order as well as being added to the Sexual Offender register for five years. He has also been ordered to pay £300 in costs and £60 victim surcharge.