Deliveroo are giving out free food to Manchester students

You can win a year’s supply of Deliveroo by just clicking a link

It seems too good to be true,  but Deliveroo are actually offering free food for a whole year to the students of Manchester.

Social Chain and Deliveroo are using the beaut food we have to bring the opportunity of a life time to Manchester students, the chance to win a year’s supply of FREE Deliveroo deliveries from all of your favourite Manc restaurants.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat from Byron Burger every night?

Even the Ali G!

They even deliver to Ali G

It definitely beats a Pot Noodle or whatever excuse for dinner they’re serving in Tower Canteen.

Almost Famous and Solita are even on the service meaning you could literally get free pizza fries all year just by clicking here.

Can't decide on what you want? Lasagne burger AND pizza fries.

There is a god

Denmark Road Halls


On top of this, Solomon’s in Withington are marking their launch on the delivery service with a party tonight in their basement, hosted by A Well Connected Family.

And if free food for a year wasn’t enough, they’re offering £200 Deliveroo credit to one attendee.