Manchester is officially more expensive to live in than Barcelona, Milan and Stockholm

It’s the 11th most expensive city in Europe

Manchester has now been rated Europe’s 11th most expensive city to live in, over cities such as Rome, Berlin, and Stockholm.

It’s no secret that although we all adore our beloved Manchester, it is not the most cost efficient city.

The student nights are great (God bless quids in Mondays at Factory), but the cost of renting a student house in Manchester in comparison to other unis is enough to make you cry. You could probably live in Cardiff or Sheffield for two years for the cost of one in Manchester.

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A survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit puts the city 26th in a list of 133 cities ranked by the price of 160 goods – ranging from utility bills to groceries.

However it’s not all bad – Manchester has moved up 13 places since last year’s Worldwide Cost of Living Report. It also ranks higher than a lot of major cities worldwide including San Francisco, Washington DC and Wellington.

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Despite Manchester’s decade-high ranking, the city is still 15percent cheaper than London, according to the survey.

London is now sixth in the global list – and is the fourth most expensive European city behind Zurich, Geneva and Paris.

Experts say prices in Manchester haven’t changed drastically in the past few years, but living costs elsewhere have plummeted – meaning the city has become relatively more expensive.

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