Venice Pizza is an Italian haven in the heart of Fallowfield

Once you go Mario, you never go back

There’s fun, there’s pizza, there’s a loveable man with a moustache, what more could you want?

Venice Pizza is the only place you should be going after your night out. You get the friendliest welcome, the cheapest food and the best banter that you could ask for from a Fallowfield takeaway.

This is where your night begins

This is where your night begins

The pizzas are actual Venice quality

Eating at Venice Pizza transports you into a world of gondolas, beautiful buildings and men with stripy tops and straw hats. Oh wait that’s just a wannabe edgy Owens Park fresher wading through a puddle. But the popcorn chicken pizza is pretty mouth watering.

It’s unbelievably cheap

For only £2.50 you can get a 10″ pizza with two toppings and a can of coke to wash it down. How could you possibly turn away such a bargain?

He knows he's made the right choice

He knows he’s made the right choice

The staff are the best part of your night out

Forget Shahz and forget Paz, Mario is the takeaway King. His moustache is a thing of beauty and it gives him a remarkable resemblance to our favourite video game character. Don’t tell anyone but his real name is Adam.

His banter is better than anyone in your squad and the service he provides makes you feel like you’re in a five star joint.The staff always cheer when you come in and love a good chat about what you’ve been up to on your night out. They’re very tolerant of drunkenness, it never leads to hostility in Venice Pizza. The vibe is far too chill.

The best of friends

The best of friends

Loyalty is also taken very seriously at such an establishment. After living in Fallowfield for a matter of months, my fidelity with the best takeaway in the area was strongly rewarded. I always get a free can or a side of chips when I go in, making me a popular post night out companion.

If the in-house banter doesn’t pull you in, they’ll deliver

They’re on Hungryhouse and Just Eat, so you can enjoy your Venice Pizza (the “special” which includes “a bit of everything, except seafood”) in bed without having to leave the comfort of your house.

They don’t just do pizza

Don’t be fooled by the name, they do all the classic takeaway dishes, and they do them better than any other dining spot in Fallowfield. I often have a chicken burger and chips with the best garlic sauce I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Mario is very proud of it, he offers free samples of the saucy goodness to most customers.

They do incredible garlic mushrooms too. Bit classier than a kebab, soz Paz.

He doesn't need Luigi, he's the full package

He doesn’t need Luigi, he’s the full package

Location, location, location

Situated in between Revolution and Sainsburys, it’s the perfect spot whether you live in halls or a student house. It’s close to the bus stops, so you can pop off and grab a pizza after your wild night out in town, or if you were having a local one at Revs or Koh Tao. It’s basically always on the way home.

I eat there when I’m sober

I don’t need to explain this statement or feel ashamed about it. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD.