Manchester covered in white after morning flurry

But it’s going to rain this afternoon

This morning, the heavens finally opened and dumped a whole load of snow in Manchester.

With forecasts predicting snow and sleet for a long time, yesterday’s prediction was finally correct as we’ve been blessed with a white blanket of cold stuff on our pavements this morning.

On a March morning, Manchester is seeing white everywhere with a yellow warning of snow.

Walking in a winter wonderland

Although Platt Fields and other urban sanctuaries are looking more beautiful thank ever with a sprinkling of the white stuff, the roads are already turning to dreaded grey slush thanks to the Magic Buses.

Don’t let it ruin you ‘do

Sadly, the chances of building a snowman, or other inappropriately shaped snow sculptures, are limited as the forecast is for rain from 11am.

Chill, Manchester

Very happy with the winter wonderland scenes in Fallowfield, third year Fia told The Tab: “I fucking love the snow.

“It’s also a semi-acceptable reason to skive off uni.”

Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan?

Second year Kate didn’t have many positive things to say about the snow, she said: “I’m mega annoyed that I got attacked by icicles – it’s far too cold.”