When will Manchester promoters learn to stop judging women only on their appearance?

It’s become so normal

Yesterday, a Manchester promoter said he’d only hire girls that were an 8/10. As shown by the comments below the article, it wasn’t some outrageous story. One guy said “This status is banter. Grow up.” Another was “No one wants a fucking ugly girl as a hostess jesus. Why spend all that cash to have the booze brought to you by an ugly girl.”

These people thought we were overreacting and needed to “chill out” and find “something better to write about”, but why should it be so normal for your appearance to be  a pre requisite for a job? How has this become a normal thing to do for club promoters in Manchester, or in fact any club in the UK? It’s become so common that people openly put it as their Facebook status. Jonny’s status was written for an audience of what I presume to be over 1,000. We’re right back to square one.

A share from our article yesterday

There’s something uncomfortable about a boy asking for an 8/10, and nothing less. What if I believed I was an 8/10, only to be shot down because he believed I was a five? I would be humiliated. It’s putting girls’ confidence in the hands of promoters. Would girls ask the same of male promoters? No, it just doesn’t happen.

Secondly, what happened to getting jobs through hard work and qualifications? What is the point of me working hard at uni, only to be judged on whether you think I’ve got a good cleavage. “That’s just the world of promo” isn’t a reason for this behaviour, it’s a bad excuse.

In the words of my friend: “The use of looks, money, dancing and free alcohol, is showing that academia is absolutely forgotten and not needed. It just shows that the patriarchal view of what women, the assumption that all they want in life is to be good-looking, money, and free alcohol, shows the completely distorted image of viewing women as objects”.

I’m afraid Mr Ransome, that a human being is far too complex to be placed upon a 1-10 scale. Gender regardless, we are intelligent, and emotional creatures who go far beyond an exterior. My looks are not my CV.

It’s ok to want to look good. But don’t lose sight of the most important things in life. Beyonce may have woke up like that, but she worked damn hard to be who she is. We don’t belong on a scale.

The only “time wasters” I see are the people who created that post.