Second year PPE student mugged at gun point on Amherst Road

He was told to hand over his phone and money with a gun held to his head


Last night, a second year PPE student was approached in Fallowfield, before having a gun held to his head.

At around 11.45pm last night the second year student was on his way back from The Font on Wilmslow Road, when he was stopped by a man on a BMX.

The PPE student was on the phone when got off the bus opposite Granville Road, and proceeded to walk home.

The armed attack took place on Amherst Road

As he turned onto Amherst Road, on the corner of Brook Road, a cyclist appeared, dropped his BMX on the pavement and demanded that he handed over his phone and wallet, whilst holding a hand pistol to his head.

Responding in an act of defiance, the second year threw a punch at his attacker and ran away, in the direction of the Shell garage on Wilmslow Road, where he was able to call the police.

There were allegedly two more armed attacks in Fallowfield last night.

Talking to The Tab, the PPE student said: “It’s fair to say I’m feeling pretty fragile and I don’t feel safe right now.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to walk around at night on my own anymore. I wouldn’t say I’m lucky, I just I walked away with all my things and unharmed.

“I wouldn’t want people to think that it was clever behaviour that got me out of it, he just wasn’t expecting it.

“Next time I would hand it over instead of panicking.”

The police advised him, and anyone else, against retaliating in a situation like this as it poses an unnecessary risk.