Ben Nevis search for Manchester uni grads put on hold by search team

Emergency services were stopped by an avalanche

The search for two former University of Manchester students who went missing in the Scottish Highlands was halted again this weekend after an avalanche stopped emergency crews being able to take off.

Tim Newton, 27, and Rachel Slater, 24, embarked upon climbing the UK’s highest mountain last weekend, but haven’t been seen since.

The couple from Bradford reportedly went missing on Monday.


Mountain rescue teams have been conducting searches ever since, but have faced difficulties.

The rescue team can only conduct searches when there is a break in the weather.

But atrocious conditions following an avalanche stopped any searches going ahead.


It is said that the Mountain rescue teams are receiving help from a Coastguard helicopter.

Reports state another avalanche occurred on Tuesday, where one man was killed and another seriously injured.

The search For Tim Newton and Rachel Slater is to continue soon, with rescue teams expecting a break in conditions.

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Anyone with any information is asked to call Police Scotland on 101 and ask for Fort William Police.