What are you giving up for lent?

Don’t even bother saying cigs

You’ve probably already failed your new years resolution and decided it’s about time you gave it another go. Whether it be food, alcohol, or smoking, it’s gonna be a challenge.

Jesus survived in the desert for forty days and nights, so we can survive it in Fallowfield, right?

We asked some Fallow students what they were giving up for Lent.

Shannen, third year, English Literature: Crisps

she gon' need that will power

she gon’ need that will power

Anna, second year, Chemistry: Greggs


She must be northern

Laura, second year, Textile Science and Technology: Post night out food


stay away from Kebab King gurl

Dan, second year, Law and Politics: Biscoff spread


The struggle is real

Rachel, second year, Second Year: Cheese and naps

RIP naptime

The killer combo

Joe, second year, Chemistry: smoking

think of all the dolla' he'll save

I give it a day

Tomos, second year, Music: sugary drinks.

but what will he use for mixers at pres?

but what will he use for mixer?