What your Fallowfield pub says about you

You’re so Ram


There’s certainly no shortage of pubs in Fallowfield, but each one serves a different purpose. Spoons if you’re on a budget, Beer Studio to impress your date, or Koh Tao if you want a club night but cba for the magic bus.

The Friendship

Spacious, unpretentious and situated conveniently on the corner of Edgerton Road, the Friendship is the perfect spot to pass sunny May afternoons and evade looming deadlines. You’re far too edgy for Wetherspoons across the road and would rather pay a bit more for the prestige of the place.

The friendship is frequented by students and locals alike, meaning the weekly Music Quiz gives you endless opportunities to acquaint yourself with proud middle-aged men heckling your abysmal music knowledge. As for what you’ll be drinking, the mysterious ale of the day is usually a good option for those who are skint. They allegedly even do stone baked pizzas, but we’re yet to see anyone order one.


It’s likely that after freshers’ week you remembered that you’re actually very middle class and mixing with a liberal social class of students and partaking in their anti-social drinking behaviour would make Daddy angry. As a regular at Font you’re the ultimate hybrid between cheap and classy, a regular purchaser of the £1 sushi from Morrison’s and the expensive looking £4 prosecco.

It’s almost certain that you’ll be Instagramming your sex on the beach within seconds, your followers won’t know that it only set you back £2. It’s a hard life being a sophisticated socialite on a student budget. You know you belong on Gossip girl but your bank account doesn’t agree. Either that, or you’re on a date with a Manc student with no imagination.


Remember when those freshers lubed up and slid across the floor

You live on Owen’s Park campus so it’s simple: you gather up any change you have left and make the 2 second commute. As you don’t have to leave the safety of OP you can wear your pyjamas (gap year travelling pants) or sweaty gym kit and no one’s gonna judge you. At £1.90 a fosters you can neck two pints and still get change for a cheeky game of pool.

Squirrels regulars aren’t stuck up about what they drink and are happy to sip from a plastic cup. You don’t care that it’s a bit grimey, because where else can you grab a pint whilst you wait for your washing to finish down stairs? If it’s good enough for Azeem, it’s good enough for anyone.


So it might not be your first port of call for a night out. But if you’re a medic or part of a society you’ve definitely had your fair share of decent nights here. If you’re here in the day you’re either using them for their beer garden or you’re in on the secret that their food is actually really good (and half price on Wednesdays). Also pretty much everyone has a picture in front of the strange Owen’s Park sign in the doorway from first year.


You like food and you like booze. Cheap prosecco, pitchers and pints are probably littered around your table, swiftly followed by a full English the next morning. You probably first went when your loan ran out in first year, but ever since you’re a convert and can’t keep away due to the strange warm fuzzy feeling you get when you walk in. It’s needless to say that the cupboards in your kitchen are full of stolen chalices and pint glasses too.

The Beer Studio

You’re a second year now so you’re mature and deserve to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy your extortionate pint. You might even play a game of Scrabble with your equally intelligent chums and discuss the difference between Tasman Sauvin and Glacier Blonde (a few of the Beer Studio’s own brews). Open til late, you can travel around the globe with all the pretentious beers on offer, why wouldn’t you spend £5 on a bottle of Erdinger Alkoholfrei? You won’t be able to get drunk here unless you’re running on mummy and daddy’s money, but luckily many of us still are.

The Ram

You’re so Withington

You don’t care that you’ll end up having to wear a coat inside, because you probably have a North Face you want to show off anyways. It’s also highly likely your taste buds have become well acquainted with the Ram Lager. Known for it’s grimey interior, The Ram is the ultimate dive of South Manchester. It’s your living room away from home, your saving grace, the true Queen Vic of Fallowfield.

Once the rose tinted charm of The Friendship has worn off your crew will flock to the Ram. Not for its righteous choice of liquor or the banging reggae but for the fact you all now live in Withington and it’s slightly closer. The Ram is as laid back as the people inside and love for this pub is infectious. It will readily replace any drinking hole in Fallowfield as favorite.


You want a drink and something to eat, but you’re too classy for a pig-out at Spoons. Revs is perfect for catching up with a few friends and not having to bump into every single person you’ve ever met at uni. You might be less chilled than the Spoons or Friendship goer but you still know how to have a good time on the discount cocktails. Students can also hire out the top floor for free if you’re looking for a venue close to home.

Hardy’s Well

A prime example of why the Curry Mile shouldn’t serve alcohol. If you drink here you either smell of B.O. or thoroughly enjoy a warm pint, probably both. Don’t try and fool anyone by saying you live near Curry Mile, or that you’ve been inspired by Lemn Sissay’s emotional poem painted on the side of the building, because the reality is you’re a little confused about why you’re there yourself.

It’s very possible that you fancy yourself as a bit of a pool legend, because you’ll never have to wait to use a table, but that’s possibly the only reason anyone would ever go there. All it takes is one glance at the “Save Hardy’s Well” suggestion list scribbled on the peeling walls to dissuade you from drinking there for your entire time at uni.

Koh Tao

Host to Manchester’s most offensive pub quiz, Koh Tao is full of chilled bar staff and consistently good times. Every weekend Fallowfield’s waviest gather for good tunes in an intimate venue. Mid-week you can enjoy the banter and cheap drinks hassle free and unlike other Fallow pubs you can even stay out ’til 2am if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Definitely a lot cooler than its next door neighbour Spoons, it has a huge smoking area with space to sit and chat when you want to avoid the busy-ness of inside. The bouncers are also notoriously safe and keep the queue steady on those mad midweek shindigs.