Woman held at knifepoint on path by Fallowfield Sainsbury’s

It happened yesterday morning

A woman was attacked by a man with a knife outside Fallowfield Sainsburys early yesterday morning. 

The victim was walking on the footpath towards Labybarn Lane at 1.50am when a man approached her from behind.

He held a knife to her face, before stealing her handbag and running away.

The woman was heading towards Ladybarn Lane

The man made his escape by running onto Wilmslow Road, passing another woman who immediately rushed to help the victim.

The police are now appealing for the woman who witnessed the incident to come forward in an attempt to identify the attacker.

On the same evening a group of students were mugged by a gang of men on Wilmslow Road close to Platt Fields Park. The students were pushed to the ground and assaulted, before the men stole their belongings and ran off into the park.

A follow up post on the GMP Fallowfield Facebook page said: “Please stay safe, stick to well lit paths, and be extra vigilant on your way home from nights out.”

Second year Annabel lives on Whitby Road off Ladybarn Lane and walks up the same path every day. She told us: “I use that path every day without thinking. It’s so scary that we’re having to evaluate which route we take home in fallowfield. It’s not safe for anyone. I think I’m going to stick to the main roads when returning from nights out now.”