Owens Park ‘world-class’ renovation confirmed

RIP Tower, hello power shower

The £175m redevelopment of the Owens Park campus was confirmed at a council meeting.

The 2,200 bedroom accommodation will be demolished and rebuilt with a further 1,000 bedrooms, 500 of which are intended for returning second and third year students. Say goodbye to the good old Tower.

Our beloved shard of the north

Councillors voted in favour but have “cautiously welcomed” the redevelopment and Chris Paul, Withington councillor, has said there is an “obvious need”.

Many local residents oppose the plans due to fears of overwhelming numbers of students disrupting the area even further.

Those in charge of the renovation are sympathetic of issues regarding noisy or disruptive students, although they do not consider this a deciding factor of the campus planning scheme.

The university understands it must take full responsibility for the impacts on the community and is making “firm commitments” to tackle issues such as litter and anti-social behaviour caused by its students.

This just doesn’t have the same 70s charm

They also said:“This development will help ensure Owens Park remains a destination of choice for students and supports our ambitions to be a world-class university.

“It will have a regenerative effect on the area, providing quality student accommodation, first-class facilities – some of which will be available to local residents – and new retail outlets.

“This investment will complement the recently-approved proposals to enhance the sports pitches on the campus, to create a world-class student campus in south Manchester.”

We spoke to a few current Owens Park residents and there were mixed feelings:

Clean up this shit

Alicia, History of Art and Megan, English Literature said: “It’s shit accommodation but the bedrooms are really nice. We live in Oak House, it’s way worse.”

She’s not letting the sad curtains get her down

Emily, Criminology: “I don’t really care because I won’t be here but it’s good for new freshers. The colours are so sad, especially the curtains.”

Where will the wavey freshers go?

Moses, PPE said: “Really sad that the Tower is going, Owens Park will lose its character.”

Aisha, PPE said: “I’m happy to be one of the last people to live here. It has a bad reputation and it’s really crummy but that’s all part of the experience.”