A fake email is going round asking for students’ bank details

The email is a scam and should not be responded to

Manchester uni students have been sent an email to their uni accounts requesting they provide their bank details.

The email is a scam and students are advised to refrain from responding to it.

The sender’s email address isĀ [email protected], but it can be confusing as the name appears as University of Manchester.

The email reads: “Dear University of Manchester Students, We are pleased to inform you that the university has been awarded funds for undergraduate study support by the government.

“All undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on a full time course are entitled to this grant. To ensure you receive your grant, you are required to submit your details via the web link below.

“Please click on the link above or copy and paste it into your browser to submit your details. Once processed, you will be contacted via your registered address with the university.

“Regards, Finance Department University of Manchester.”