Why you should join The Tab Manchester next term

You’re definitely not too cool for us


We write original stories that people care and talk about, and sometimes they’re funny too.

Let’s set the scene. It’s a Thursday night, you’re in the Koh Tao smoking area bumming off your mate’s Amber Leaf three in one.

You spot someone you recognise, but they’re definitely not on your course and they weren’t sat opposite you on the Magic Bus the other day.

Then it clicks, you saw their beautiful little face on The Tab.

Truth is, everyone reads The Tab. No person is too cool, too tall, or too small for The Tab.

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It’s simple, you write an article and a lot of people read it. And when people say they don’t, they’re probably lying because last month we drew in over 300k views in Manchester alone.

On top of the invaluable experience you’ll gain as a writer, which can be anything from publishing a handful of stories to working on a national paper, we have a lot of fun too.

Our writers regularly attend work experience at  national papers, and have gone onto get jobs at The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Vice.

This is why our writers never want to leave us, but when they do, they always go on to big things.

We’re one of the biggest teams in the UK, and we’re looking for new writers to join our expanding team. You don’t need any journalism experience, as long as you enjoy working in a team – that’s all that matters to us.

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Here is why our writers love The Tab Manchester:

Grace Vielma

Graduated 2013, now UK Editor of The Tab

“I started editing The Tab Manchester back in 2013, when it first started. After a pretty killer debut term, I left to come and work at the Tab’s head office in London as an assistant editor. Soon I was promoted to deputy editor and now I’m UK editor, overseeing all the Tabs in the UK.

“Since then The Tab Manchester has passed through the hands of three very talented editors to become one of the most read Tabs in country. Why? Because we’ve changed the way students report and read news.

“The Tab has taught me journalism at Manchester doesn’t need to be worthy or boring. You don’t need to be a aspiring reporter heading for a newspaper grad scheme to write for us – we are a platform for all students, not matter what your ambitions are.

“What most Tab reporters will tell you, over everything else though, is that what makes it so great is the people you meet. That’s not just the 50 strong Manchester team – we’re a network of over 1,000 reporters who get together for socials and dinners every year. A lot of people say The Tab is the best thing they did at university, I’d highly recommend you try it out.”

Daisy Bernard

Graduated 2015, now Assistant Editor in The Tab HQ

“I started the Tab in my second year at uni, as one of my friends recommended it to me. I went to a meeting to see what all the fuss was about, and it was actually really fun.  We met for a few drinks and just went over ideas, and everyone was really welcoming.

“I started by doing campus styles, and in a few months was promoted to Fashion editor. Writing articles was really addictive and so rewarding, it’s such a great feeling finding your own stories and getting them read by thousands of people. In the end of my second year, I was asked to be editor.

“Joining The Tab was without a doubt the best decision I made in my three years at Manchester. Partly because I learnt so much from it and got myself a job, but also because I made some of my closest friends through The Tab.  Some of my best memories in Manchester are from our teams events and socials. Like most editors, I still managed to get a 2:1 and go out as much as anyone else. The time I spent writing articles would have probably just been spent procrastinating otherwise.”

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Ant Cornish

Graduated 2015, now MA Newspaper Journalism student at City University

“I’m halfway through my Masters at City University and not only do I use the skills I learnt at the Tab on a regular basis, I always include it in applications for work experience. It shows that you are up for investigating stories and following up on leads, that you are in touch with your University and the town or city that it is in, and that you can write for thousands of readers nationally.

“The articles I wrote over the course of two years at Manchester spanned hard news, opinion pieces, features, festival reviews and interviews, plus the occasional rant about a nightclub’s policy on drinking in the smoking area. After this piece I guess I can add promotional propaganda to the list.

“University is a place where you begin to spread your wings, try new things and start thinking about the future. The Tab fits into all three of these categories. There is also a real buzz to be had from getting your words published, shared and read.”

Laura FitzPatrick

Current Manchester Editor

“When I’d finished Breaking Bad in first year, it felt as if there was literally nothing to do with my spare time and I always found myself reading articles on The Tab, thinking I could probably write them.

“As soon as I started writing, I noticed thousands of page views on my stories and eventually became News editor in second year, before becoming Editor this year, and with thanks to The Tab, I even managed to get two weeks of work experience at The Sunday Times and am due to go to the Daily Mail soon.

“Out of everything I’ve done at uni, it’s definitely the most rewarding and I still have time to do my dissertation and go out.”

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Naomi Evans

Current Manchester News Editor

“I started writing in my second year and by third year became News editor, showing how quickly you can progress through the ranks.

“The Tab have given me so many opportunities, including working at their head office in London, and even getting a work experience placement with SWNS, a major news agency.

“I’d recommend becoming a writer to anyone, not just people who are interested in journalism or the media, as it’s been such a good opportunity to meet so many fun and interesting people, both in my team and through interviews.”

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