When is it appropriate to wear a bucket hat?

‘Only at an after party when you are riding the wave’

If you wear a bucket hat you tread the thin line between trying to be cool and cool.

You see them on heads everywhere, from Fallowfield house parties to hogging a computer in the Ali G — but when do you draw the line? How far is too far? We asked people around campus when they thought it was appropriate to wear a bucket hat.

Anna, Chemistry first year (from South Africa)

“Bucket hats are only acceptable if you’re British and on holiday.”

Tom, American Studies third year

“In the 90s when they were fashionable.”

Dan , Biology third year (from Leeds Uni)

“I think they’re OK to wear at a festival when it’s sunny.”

India, Biomedical Science third year

“You should only wear them at the after session, when you’re riding the wave.”

Aaron, Ancient History second year

“Bucket hats are never acceptable.”

Guy, Social Anthropology third year

“Just keep it to fishing.”

Alex, Buisness Studies and Economics third year

“I think they’re acceptable to wear at a festival and on the beach.”

Ryan, Drama third year

“Bucket hats are never acceptable. Only for this picture.”