We spoke to the Manchester second years who surfed in a puddle

They were inspired by the magicbus

Yesterday, two UoM second years made the most of the rain by surfing in a puddle wearing just swimshorts.

Sean Caio and Christian Berger set up their boards on Birchfield Road, Rusholme, and posed for the cameras as cars came past.

We spoke to them about their experience.

Firstly, why?

Caio: We were near Chris’s house on Birchefield Road. I got the idea when I saw a magicbus plowing through a foot of water on Oxford Road, sweeping the leaves off the pavement. The puddle was about ten metres long and two metres wide.

There was a much bigger one opposite but the cars couldn’t get enough run up to get us bazzed.

Are you guys surfers?

Caio: Yeah, we’ve both been surfing for a while so have a few boards up here with us in Manchester.

Did you plan it before, or was it a spur of the moment thing?

Caio: We had planned it before, but there wasn’t much planning. The first time we went all the good puddles were splashed out, so we were on red alert for the next big downpour.

When the call came from Schnitz I was in my boardshorts and on the next magicbus up to his.

How did people react?

The best part of course was getting tucked into a cosy barrel. But also the reaction of the locals and drivers as we walked barefoot and topless through a freezing landlocked city with a surfboard.

Passers by were taking pictures and videos and some said it made their day. It was certainly preferable than getting splashed by the cars zooming past sadistically, as per usual.

Chris: Some of the locals were helping us out in guiding the cars into the puddle. Pretty stoked on the the community support!

The Youtube video of you guys has had over 15,000 views – did you expect this kind of attention?

Chris: It got me over 35 likes on Facebook, which I haven’t got since I graduated from uni.

Caio:  In terms of fame, MC Schnitz [Cao’s nickname for Chris] is pursuing a promising MCing career so I plan to leech off that.

What was the highlight?

Chris: The best part was one bazz that blozzed me so hard I fell off my board.

Any advice for future puddle surfers?

Chris: For all the city surfers planning to get pitted, make sure your wear protection. Anything could be in those murky waters.

Caio: I have no words of wisdom, maybe just keep living the search because that next barrel might come in an unexpected way.