Why you should date a languages student

Voulez vouz coucher avec moi ce soir?

There exists a place on campus where girls with nose rings and hair as wavy as their garms sip capuccinos and discuss French poetry,  and where cute guys hunch over their macs as they peer over their glasses at their essay on Latin American culture. A hot bed of Ollies, Charlies, Sophies and Olivias and with more vintage sportswear and plaid than the three for ten thrift shop, if you’re looking to find love while you study then the languages library in Sam Al is the place to go. Why? Because languages students have got it all.

There are many reasons why dating a languages student is attractive. The most obvious one is that being bilingual is sexy. Learning a language shows intelligence, a like of people and the ability to manipulate your tongue in more ways than you can imagine.  Let’s be honest, there is nothing hotter than the drawl of a French accent or the sing song melody of Italian. Even German has it’s charms – especially if you’re a more aggressive lover. If you wish to become as sexy as us we’re always up for private tutoring.

We have no problem holding an interesting conversation, as talking and communication is the main part of our degree. Linguists are down to earth, friendly and very sociable. Ever heard the joke about the socially awkward Languages student? No? That’s because they don’t exist.

Flirting isn’t an issue either. Think you’ve got a way with words? We can seduce you in  two, three or even four languages. You’d be surprised at how sexy foreplay sounds in another language.

Language students love adventure and with us you’ll be going places. We’re always up for a romantic getaway and with your own personal translator and interpretor by your side there’s no need to pack that guidebook or try some broken Spanish in the restaurant. And because of our year abroad there’s always the opportunity for a cheap romantic getaway. Who doesn’t want an excuse to have a holiday? And as most of us travel and work abroad in the summer we’d get on great with all your gap-yah types. We probably have plenty of stories to top that one in Thailand.

Look at all the places I can pull.

You don’t have to worry about us cheating on you with the library either.  We’re not ones to barricade ourselves in our rooms with textbooks all year, as getting out and seeing the world is kind of the whole point to our degree. Sure, we work hard, but we play hard too. We know how to have fun and there’s never a dull moment with us on a night out.

Talk Russian to me.

Oh hey there. (Sorry fellas this one’s taken).

We’re a creative bunch with our own little projects going on outside of the lecture hall. A hot bed of bloggers, musicians, actors, radio presenters, writers and entrepreneurs, it’s worth sticking with us as we may just become the next best thing. We can offer more exciting dates than just Netflix and chill (a foreign film though obvs- we’ll put the subtitles on for you babes). How about watching us at our latest open mic or going to that new cafe in Northern Quarter  that we just have to blog about? Our natural love of culture means we’re always up for a trip to the theatre or catching that latest exhibition. If you’re looking for a gig or theatre buddy then we’re you’re people.

Spanish and chill.

And just like a good bottle of red we go well with pretty much anything. Our degree covers aspects of literature, film, politics, sociology, psychology, linguistics and philosophy so we’ll have no problems waxing lyrical about Brecht with drama students or holding our own in a debate with your politics mates. We may even be able to help you out on that Freud essay. Even Geography students will find an affinity with us, as our degree is also subject to stupid comments and prejudices. We’d never ask you how the degree in colouring in is going.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in love in the past it may be worth giving one of us a try. Unless specified all the beauts in this article are single.