New UoM Facebook page aims to call out sexism

It’s called Call It Out UoM

A group of women at UoM have set up a new Facebook page to collate experiences of sexism and sexual harassment at uni.

The page “Call It Out UoM – sexism & sexual harassment in Manchester” allows Facebook users to anonymously message into the page with their experiences.

It’s growing quickly, with over 200 likes in two hours.

The anonymous group of students at UoM that set up the page are raising awareness of how often these uncomfortable experiences occur by encouraging anyone that has experienced sexual harassment to message in and tell their story.

The curators explained that the page was set up for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s a social space for people to vent about their experiences anonymously. The page also intends to expose how these experiences make people feel.

Simplifying the idea, they said: “Think of it like Spotted: Manchester but for all the crap that people face simply because of their gender.

“The page came out out a general frustration with the normalising of sexism and sexual harassment and we’re doing our bit to call it out.”

“As similar initiatives have shown, this is stuff is so frustratingly common that for most of us, it’s become normalised. As well as a space to off-load and share shit stuff that’s happened, we can see these patterns for what they are – not one off or misfortunate experiences, but a crappy and unacceptable fact of just existing as a women today.”

The page, which can be found here, has already had a number of messages in.