Withington charity shop launch appeal after mascot toy goat stolen

He was stolen from their nativity

Malcolm the goat who brought joy to many of the Cancer Research team and the public, was stolen from the shop on Tuesday.

The three inch tall friend, who has his own Instagram account,  was taken whilst was featuring within the shop’s nativity scene.

Desperate for Malcolm’s return, shop workers and locals have started a Twitter campaign hoping to spread the word – #bringbackmalcolm.

The Nativity scene isn’t the same without it’s star of the show

There will be missing posters hung around Withington, in the hope that their tiny mascot will be returned to his rightful home within the Cancer Research Shop.

Shop manager Gaynor Cowle told The Tab: “We’re just really upset and want him back. He was more than just an inanimate object, the locals and the staff loved him!

“In a couple of weeks the staff here will be setting up a stall at a Vintage fair selling Christmas cards featuring of Malcolm to raise money for Cancer research.

“It will be such a shame if he isn’t home by then. If anyone has any information, call us on 01614459085.

“Lets get Malcom home”

The camera loves him

Malcom, working it