There is an anti-animal testing protest outside Stopford

They’re protesting the alleged activity on the top floor

A group of students are staging an anti-animal testing demonstration outside the Stopford Building.

The building, best known for its medical students, allegedly hosts animal testing on its top floor.

Manchester Animal Action, the group protesting, are aware of testing on animals at the university and aim to make more people aware through their protest.

The group claim that the university security are watching over them and moved them on from the steps in front of Stopford onto the pavement which is not deemed at university property.

A statement on the university’s website says: “Research may involve animals where absolutely no alternative is available, in fact, in certain circumstances, we are actively encouraged to undertake animal testing.”

They ensure safe practice throughout their research on animals, claiming: “We maintain the highest standards of animal welfare and invest heavily in facilities. Fully trained care staff hold degrees in animal care and qualifications accredited by the Institute of Animal Technology.

“We house animals in social groups wherever possible and provide a rich and varied environment to allow a range of natural behaviours. We employ full-time animal care and welfare officer and a veterinary surgeon to ensure best practice is adopted and observed.”

However, the students protesting are of the belief that the welfare of the animals is not upheld.

Third year Dominika told The Tab: “Many experiments at universities are curiosity-driven, rather than medical.

“Some scientists build their careers and reputation on animal experimenting, so it’s easier for them to receive funding for the studies they propose if they involve something that’s been done before.

“We like to think that science is based on logic. But what could be more illogical than using mice or dogs in medical research and pretending that this teaches us about people?”