Employers rank Manchester as the fourth best UK uni

We’re 24th in the world

Manchester has come fourth in the UK 2015 Global Employability University Survey, and 24th in the world. 

The survey, designed by French human resources consultancy Emerging and carried out by Trendence, asked recruiters working for major UK companies to vote for the universities that they were most likely to recruit graduates from.

Unsurprisingly, Oxford and Cambridge claimed top spots and Imperial College London took third.

We’re employable – a cause for celebration

The survey also showed UK employers put more of an emphasis on grades, work experience and degree subject compared to employers in Europe or other multinational recruiters worldwide.

Many of the UK recruiters were more likely to source from universities that they had an existing link with.

And at a time when tuition fees are at an all time high and cuts to maintenance grants are making students consider the value of money for their studies, the survey suggests that Manchester can offer a great return on investment and unquestionable value for money.

Smug Environmental third year Alex said: “The fact we’ve been ranked fourth really demonstrates the push the uni is making to become a leading institute that produces the best.

“The careers service here is second to none and the work they do is starting to show. It’s only going to continue to grow”

Reflecting on the value of a degree from Manchester, content third year Jess said: “Even three years ago when I was applying for uni, I chose Manchester not only because of it’s impressive academic rankings, but because I knew employers realised the potential the students here have.

“I’m not overly surprised if I’m honest!”