Northern Quarter style

We found some people who didn’t think they were too cool to have their picture taken

The Northern Quarter is the water cooler for Manchester’s most alternative elite.

In the back allies of mainstream Piccadilly, we can find these stylish creatures sipping coffee from jars and laughing about the days they used to wear clothes that weren’t pre-owned. Here are the impeccable passers by that didn’t think they were too cool to have their photo taken.

Rebecca Henehan

We think a long coat entails invincibility

Jake Pearce

Melody Hunt

A clash of patterns can totally work

Jake Lacy Poulton

Effortlessly cool

Sarah Wright

No need to look sheepish your coat is on point

Evangeline Ford

If you think you won’t be able to find a super chic vintage one of a kind coat like this one, don’t panic – it’s Topshop

Hannah O’Gormon

Asked to describe her style in one word? ‘Homeless’

Sarah Irvin

Nailing how to dress for the awkward Autumn to Winter transition

Mollie Greenwood

Mollie looks adorable in this pretty shift dress and Drs