Manchester third year gets added into group chat full of people with his name


Following from the likes of the neck nominate challenge, the ice bucket challenge, and the more recent #socialmediaisnotreallife posts, there’s a new trend on the rise. It’s simple, and it’s effective.

On Wednesday night after getting home from a night out, third year Tom Roberts became another victim to the new Facebook trend when he was added into a less than ordinary group chat.


As you can see here, the list goes on.


After the surprise, he decided to embrace it. After starting with over 20 Toms, the number significantly dropped as a few didn’t see the funny side. To know who was behind this is a mystery, lost in Roberts’. our Tom believes this is what makes it so devious.


However, it looks like lifelong bonds were made as we can see.



Talking exclusively to The Tab,  the one and only Tom Roberts told us what he thought of all this:

“Tom Roberts isn’t a name. Its a way of life”.

“Finally some genius or greater fore has thrown us all together and the rest is…Tomfoolery”.

If this happens to you do not be alarmed, embrace it.

Tom is currently booking his ticket to Maga.