We went to Oak House and asked freshers about their predrinks

RIP two for five

It’s November. Your loan has ran dry and the overdraft is mounting up.

We asked budding freshers how they economise before a night out with the cheapest predrinks New Zealand wines has to offer.

Laura, Foundation year in Optometry

“I’m just a lambrini girl at heart.”

Will, first year, Aerospace Engineering 

1 of your 5 a day.

“I like apples, so I drink cider.”

Milly, first year, Spanish and Italian

“Any type of vodka I can afford, with a bit of orange juice for good luck.”

Oscar, first year, Politics and International Relations

An efficient way of cutting down on toilet breaks.

“Basics rum. I have neither the time nor bladder to drink lager anymore.”

Lewis, first year, Politics and International Relations

Sainsbury’s basics spirits: A growing trend for freshers.

“Sainsbury’s basics vodka.”

Marney, first year, Environmental Science

Captain Jack Sparrow eat your heart out.

“Why is the rum always gone?”

Alon, first year, Electronic Engineering 

“Just wave and smile.”

Becky, first year, Optometry

“Aspen’s £6.50 peach Schnapps, obviously.”

Liam, first year, Chemistry

“You’re Putin me off my vodka.”

Emma, first year, Spanish and Italian

“Sex on the beach. I love mixing sweet spirits to make cocktails!”

Kierran, first year, Geology

“Jesus turned water into wine, and I turned my student loan into vodka.”