We asked Salford if they think they’re edgier than us

‘We’re comfortable enough to not have to try hard’

With over 105,000 students across four unis Manchester has a huge student population – and they’re undeniably edgy. 

They nail the “effortless” look with their strangely compelling clashing outfits. Air-max clad students roam the streets, splashing their loans on booze, bucket hats and anything new from American Apparel.

But does one uni have more edgy students than another?

We went to Salford uni to see what they thought:

Kaya Aftab, Journalism and English second year

“Salford is definitely edgier! It sees style from all over the world, not only because of the amount of different people and personalities there are, but also because of the diversity of cultures there is at the uni.”

Becky Greenwood, Multimedia Journalism first year

“I feel like people on more artsy courses are generally quirky and it doesn’t really depend on the uni.”

Ben Smith, Sports Science second year

“Salford is really diverse I feel, there are a lot of different weird and wonderful courses so it’s quite an edgy uni, yeah!”

Abigail Gillibrand, Multimedia Journalism second year 

“Salford students are more edgy than Manchester students because John Cooper Clarke has an honorary doctorate here.”

Will Crooke, Software Engineering second year 

“Nah, Salford is the edgiest, definitely. It has a lot of culture and diversity with it being an international uni… just a lot of edge.”

Sania Irshad, Law first year

“Yeah, Salford is away from the city centre so I feel like everyone who comes to Salford is a little more different and cool.”

Tom Featherstone, English Literature second year

“No, I wouldn’t say so. I honestly don’t get out that much…”

Boo Gregson, Journalism and English second year

“I think Salford definitely has some edge, it’s that perfect mix of how bold Manchester is but still comfortable enough to not have to try hard.”

Jordan Sim, Media Performance second year

“Well, Manchester students have a fair amount of basics. I feel like there’s so many fashion courses at Salford uni, and I think that there’s some of the most edgiest people I’ve ever seen here.”

Patsie Goodwin, Drama and Theatre third year

“I think this part of Salford is really edgy, like where Adelphi is, but Manchester students seem to be more outgoing with their clothes.”

Duncan, Musical Arts third year

“Definitely got a lot more edge here in Salford.”

Hannah Goldsby, Biochemistry second year

“Bullshit, people are people and the uni doesn’t matter.”

Adam Bailey, Graphic Design second year

“You see a lot of different style around Salford uni, but then again, all over Manchester you’ll spot the edge too… but yeah Salford gets it!”