We went to the Skepta WHP and asked people some more deep questions

Does anyone still listen to indie music?

We took a trip back to Store Street for The Ape’s 10th Anniversary, with a line up including Skepta and Run the Jewels, to ask some more deep stuff.

Here’s what we found.

Tadeusz Mieczysław Franciszek Foryś, third year Aerospace Engineering at UWE

If related, would you see Nigel Farage as a father figure or more of a weird uncle? “More of a weird uncle.”

Nancy, self employed

Shag marry kill; Boris, Clegg, Clarkson: “Marry Clegg, shag Clarkson, kill Boris. Boris is a cunt”.

Taylor,  managing director

If porn and internet history stats are in fact released what would be your top search? “Council estate”.

Emma, third year Maths at Bristol

New James Bond, Idris Elba or skepta? “Idris – Skeptas cool but he’s not as suave”.

James, Manchester third year

“Skepta. Any day”.

Caz, office admin PA

Do you know half the people on this line up? “I spent £135 on these tickets and I’d spend triple more for this line up”.

Fern (left), third year Interior Architecture

Does anyone still listen to indie music? “Yes. But people don’t want it now because they just go to raves and do pills”.

Ellen, RNCM vocalist

Favourite childhood tv show? “Ed,ed and eddy.”

Derek, final year Biotech

Obama or Yeezy? “Obama. Kanye west is a such a dickhead.”

Daniel, graduate

Forever young or old and loaded? “Forever young. I’m young now and fuck being old”.