Fallowfield Halloween house parties: Best dressed


Grace Shelley- second year English Language and Beth Noble- second year


Tom Savage- second year English, Tom Bjerkin second year Computer science, Emily Walker- second year Social Anthropology and Jake Sutherlandroe- second year Classics

Fergus Jmes- second year Geography

Tom Gordon- second year History and Politics

‘This suit is NAT black’

Ronke Ayoola- second year America Studies and Emma Bogues- second year Psychology 

Alex – second year Business

‘It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me’

Liyat Eyasu- second year History and Politics, Maia Choelho- second year Geography

Fabulous Fairy and Magical Minnie


Tom Savage- second year English

Two Face

Tom Glover- second year Spanish

Hooters makes you happy

Herbert the Pervert, Manc dropout

Annie- second year English Language for Education and Lucinda- second year Religions and Theology, Will Melvin