Police seize TV and sound equipment from Cawdor Road house

The fun police strike again

Police raided a Fallowfield house and confiscated a bass box, speaker and flat-screen TV.

The house will have to pay a hefty fine to the council to reclaim their equipment.

They will also be summoned into a meeting with the uni and may face disciplinary action.

Police arrived at the house this morning after being called by angry neighbours.

The house had been previously warned about their noise-making, and had been given an abatement notice in September.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, executive member for neighbourhoods, said the council and police will continue to “crack down on loud parties”.

Cawdor resident Dilraj was bothered by the noise from the house: “As much as I enjoy Punjabi music I’d rather it not be at 3 in the morning when I’m trying to sleep for a 9 am.”

The war against Fallowfield parties is bigger than ever, which has angered some students.

Second year Cawdor resident Phillip said: “Fair enough the noise was ridiculous, but confiscating all that stuff was a bit far.”

Cawdor Road, whose houses were once described in a Tab article as being “the dampest, smelliest and most burgled crack dens” in Fallowfield, has now sealed its place on the Fallowfield map.