Meet the third year raising money to buy homeless people gloves this winter

Her campaign is called ‘Share the Glove’

Olivia Evans is fundraising to help the homeless in Manchester this winter.

The campaign called “Share the Glove” will use crowd funding to buy warm clothes.

On the 13th of November, Olivia will be heading to Primark to buy scarfs, gloves and clothes with the money collected.

Her recent from Fallowfield to the City Center inspired her to launch the campaign. “Once I moved from the student bubble, homeliness is something I came across on a daily basis .

“It’s a strong and sobering reminder that while I walk back from uni on dark and cold evenings to a heated flat, that for these people it will be another night in the cold”

She hopes the crowd funding can provide the people living on the streets of Manchester with hats, gloves and other basic but essential items as well as practical support in winter months.

487 people have been invited to the Facebook page

With protests and evictions, things have been extra rough for the homeless in Manchester recently.

Through this campaign, Olivia wants to encourage people to make a difference: “I think there needs to be a conversation about what little things we can be doing as good members of society and university needs to encourage this.

“Protesting is good but there are small everyday things which we should be encouraged to do. A hot drink in McDonalds in only a pound but even just having a chat or asking them how their day is can help.

“We all ignore homeless people and most of us barely make eye contact with them.”

She is hoping not only to raise money with “Share the Glove” but also wants to create a dialogue so growing problems aren’t ignored.

Olivia has raised £65 already, and is encouraging people to give more.

Times are extremely hard for the homeless at the moment, so please Manchester, Share the Love.