We went to a Fallowfield house party and asked some more deep questions

‘Music is a subliminal entity’

How do you define Socialism?  What would my mum think of me now? What is the true meaning of techno music?

Surely these are the questions that run through everyone’s heads at  a Fallowfield house party. So, we went to Manchesters party of the week, ran by Spotify and CULT on Rippingham Road to ask people some really important questions.

Here’s what we found:

Oscar, first year, Economics and Philosophy

What do you think of techno in Manchester?

“I think techno here is nowhere near Amsterdam. I’ve lived there all my life and you can be skanking on it for 10 hours straight.”

Anna and Cara, Medics

What would you consider to be edgy?

“All the bellends in Manchester”

Charlotte, Post Grad, and Yoseph, Economics

 What do you think students offer to the Manchester music scene?

“Students are the extra edge to the square that is the music scene in Manchester, therefore making it a pentagon.”

Manci, Alex and Chyp – Cult

What does Cult think of electronic music in Manchester?

 “We see music as a subliminal entity. It moves us but we don’t know why. It’s been encoded in our brains. Our aim is to bring a surprise to Manchester.”

Emily, Graduate

Why do you think electronic music is so powerful?

“You can feel it through your vagina – you can feel it rolling up.”

Jed, third year, Eng. Lit & American Studies

 What do you think of the music scene currently?

“Jah feelin’ it.”

Ryan, third Year, History

How would you define Socialism?

“To me, Socialism is where you all get in  a big circle, and wank each other off. You service each other.”

Haider, third year, Politics

Thoughts on Boris Johnson tackling the Japanese child?

“Leg. Full stop.”

Ed, fourth year, Medicine

Why you always lying?

“In case my mum finds out.”

Sarah, Graduate

What would your mum think of you now?

“She’d think ‘I’m so proud of my daughter.'”