Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs offer their hotel to the homeless

They’ve said they can stay until February

Manchester united stars have allowed squatters and housing activists “The Manchester Angels” to stay in their soon to be hotel.

The pair have welcomed the homeless to stay in their hotel, transformed from Manchester Stock Exchange, until February.

The homeless and housing activists have agreed to not damage the building and the activists’ leader Wesley Hall suggested Gary Neville should employ some of the homeless as labourers.

The Stock Exchange hotel

This peaceful takeover really was, as Hall put it: “a dream come true”.

The number of homeless people in Manchester has increased by 150 per cent in recent years making squatting an option for many.

People in Fallowfield may remember that squatters took over the Chapel, which is now a vintage clothes shop,  and were evicted around Christmas time last year.

Let’s hope that Neville’s and Giggs’ altruism highlights the problem of homelessness and helps the fight for homeless people.