Big Pets on Campus: Meet Bane the kitten

She is really small

This tiny creature is the cutest thing you’ll find in a student house. 

The mug sized kitten’s name changes depending on the hour and according to its differing personalities. Sometimes when she’s curled up inside your dressing gown she’s Bane, and while she’s leaping from sofa to sofa she’s called Gadget.

The little fur-ball is owned by ten second years who saw an add for her on gumtree and couldn’t resist her little face. Second year Business Management student Hannah said: “She’s so cute! we all love her so much, I also get daily haircuts from her chewing on my hair.”

Just like the whiskas advert

Age: 10 weeks.

Size: Would fit comfortably inside a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Gender: Female.

She loves having cuddles with her fellow housemates

If I fits I sits

Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Likes: Ribbon, feet, drinking out of a glass of water like a human and shoelaces.

Dislikes: The fear of being forever alone, being told what to do and acrobatics.

Little Gadget loves ribbon

Favourite film: This is England.

Hobbies: Long strolls in the living room, yoga, baking.

Favourite music: Anything by Skrillex.

I’m so teeny I can fit in a cup