We went to WHP and asked some really deep questions

‘What is your view on capitalism?’


We paid a visit to the Mecca of Manchester’s nightlife for the Sounds of the Near Future event and asked some of the party goers a few of life’s important questions. Here’s what we found:

Georgie, first year, History of Art, University of Manchester

Jeremy Corbyn, yes or no?

“I don’t know who he is.”

Ben, second year, Photography, Man Met

What is your view on capitalism?

“Good, until you are on a vegan broccoli farm, and when you get to the till, they sell you young thug CD’s at a non-organic 4.50.”

Liam, third year History, University of Manchester

What is your opinion on the North/South Divide?

“As a midlander, who gives a fuck?”

Hannah, Manchester grad

What would you say is the meaning of life? (not “42”)


Zoe, Sheffield grad

Did you feel the same way an hour ago?

“Twatted off my titties.”

Laura, second year English Literature, University of Sheffield

If you could be anywhere else besides here right now, where would it be?


Laura, second year, Pharmacy, Liverpool John Moores University.

Tell us about your views on the David Cameron pig scandal?

“I don’t know who David Cameron is.”

What are your views on the 5p Bag Raise?

“I love turtles yeah, and the bags are killing turtles.”

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