There have ALREADY been 73 sexual attacks reported this year in Manchester

And that’s just 18-24 year olds

Statistics gained from Greater Manchester Police show that the number of sexual attacks in the Manchester city area look to be on the rise.

Last year the total reached 82 attacks in the area by the end of December, and with a total of 73 already for 2015 so far it’s clear that not enough has been done to combat the attacks.

Already this month students have been worried by cases such as the girl who was assaulted in Platt Fields, or todays reported rape near Man Met and these stories are showing no signs of going away.

The scene of an attack earlier this month

The stats are broken down into sexual assault/assault by penetration, rape (or attempted), and “other.”

In terms of rape (or attempted), last year there were 27 reported cases, and this year there have already been 25.

Last year there were 50 cases in total of sexual assault/assault by penetration, and this year so far there have been 37 reported cases.

In the “other” category, last year there were five cases, and this year so far has already had over double that with 11 reported cases.

Since the spate of attacks this time last year, people admittedly no longer feel safe, and have been pressuring the Police to spend more time patrolling and dealing with personal safety than focusing on shutting down house parties.

Two teenagers were raped on Sackville Street near North campus in broad daylight

English Literature student Shannon said: “These stats make me feel really unsafe. I think there should be a bigger focus on educating men, rather than women being told not to walk around at night.

“The fact those stats have hit an all time high for the second time is shocking as it shows nothing good enough has been done. What’s next, a curfew?”

These sort of comments follow GMP advice to “remain vigilant and take precautions” after the Platt Fields attack, and the rapes on Sackville Street, both occurring during the daytime.

Walking alone at night is obviously a no-go, but now this sort of advice suggests that we should never walk alone anywhere, or at any time of day, which is obviously unrealistic for most students.

Third year Ian said: “It’s so unfair that girls feel like they’re not safe going out at night, and that they always have to stick together in a group. The attacks have even happened in the middle of the day.”