Places to nap on campus without looking like a total weirdo

Well, kinda

Catch up on your zzz’s at the nine grand a year hotel we call university. Forget 20 minute napping between the bookcases in the library, here are four of the best places to nap on campus.

In a lecture

There’s a large debate about whether or not napping in a lecture is acceptable. Sometimes, using the 10 minute break in a two-hour lecture to rest your eyes can actually improve your attention.

Normally, the coughing of your fellow students is enough to remind your sleepy eyes that a lecture is not the time nor place to go for a nap. But your seat has just become comfy, the room is so warm and the PowerPoint presentation so dull, you would be forgiven if you “accidentally” fell asleep to the lecturer’s soothing voice.

Uni Place has comfy seats

Ali G sleeping pod

 Give everyone a flash of your socks in this comfy sleeping pod with a great view. It has a vibration timer installed so you don’t oversleep and can even play music. Wake up refreshed and be the envy of all your mates by snoring away while everyone around you tries to study.

View from the pod

On a Magic Bus

This one is technically not on campus but still counts.

It’s 10:47am on a Thursday morning and for once you are on time for your first lecture of the day after a heavy night out. You’ve still got wet hair because you didn’t have time to dry it after having a six-and-a-half minute shower, and you have toast crumbs all over your favourite jumper. You brush the crumbs onto the neighbouring bus seat and look out of the window. Yup, stuck in traffic.

Still out of breath from running for the bus, you lean your head against the window to calm your heart rate. The warm air and the familiar scent of the bus entices you. What harm could come if you rested your eyes for a minute or two?

Napping on the Magic Bus

Deckchairs outside the library

Pretend you’re on a beach. Napping on a deck chair is a comfortable way to enjoy fresh air. Until you get a neck cramp and have all your notes – expertly laid out in front of you to make it look like you were studying – blown away by the glorious Manchester wind.

Fresh air is overrated anyways.

Anywhere you could hide a body the size of your own

It might just be better to nap at home.