How much does each night out in Manchester cost you?

A classic night at Gold Teeth costs as much as travelling to Edinburgh

How much do you think it’s acceptable to spend at a night at The Friendship? Would you rather go to Amsterdam or spend your Thursday night at Sankeys rubbing shoulders with Hume Hall’s elite ? We’ve calculated the average cost of your typical nights out in Manchester and found out what you could be spending that money on instead. Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves, is any of it really worth it?

MONDAY: Friendship Inn

The perfect place to sneak your own booze into and catch up with mates

A night at The Friendship Inn is a perfect start to the week spent drinking away the pain of the 9am lecture and catching up on gossip from the weekend. A seemingly un-expensive outing, however, once you’ve summed up the cost of the packet of crisps you inevitably buy, the drink you buy for your friend who only has a card and doesn’t want to spend the minimum for card machine and the expensive drink you end up buying at The Beer Studio because you needed a change of scenery, you’re left with a lighter purse and a fuller stomach.

Estimated cost of night at Friendship Inn: £15

Where £15 could take you: A Megabus from Manchester to Bristol.

TUESDAY: Gold Teeth

Waiting for the bus after Gold Teeth. It never came

You’re ready to paint the town in your own sick, and nothing helps you do that better than Gold Teeth. The majority of the expenses for a night at Gold Teeth don’t go on the ticket, or even the drinks. Most of you will find you end up paying an extra £7 for a taxi to take your friend home who’s either been kicked out for trying to climb on stage in the top room, or has one too many times shouted at the staff if they’re still serving food. Perhaps a bus journey back to Fallowfield will sober them up? Wrong. The bus never comes after Gold Teeth, and you’re forced to wait what seems like an eternity at the bus stop with the girl you tried to chat up but who then got with your friend.

Estimated cost of night at Gold Teeth: £25

Where £25 could take you: A Megabus from Manchester to Edinburgh.


These girls know that girls love Beyoncé (Photo: Dom Varden)

Your friend has paid you back for the cab journey after Gold Teeth, and the six pieces of toast you had at lunchtime have perked you up so much you’re ready to put yourself through it all over again. People who don’t like Juicy are not the kind of people you want in your life, get rid of them. In a world of Soundcloud-wankers and topknots, there’s nothing more joyful than getting dangerously drunk and dancing to trashy R’n’B with your friends.

A cheap and extremely cheerful night, Juicy is also the perfect place to demonstrate the slut-drop you perfected on your girls’ trip to Zante in 2012.

Estimated cost of night at Juicy: £17

Where £17 could take you: A campervan Bed and Breakfast in Cornwall as advertised on Airbnb.

THURSDAY: Full Moon at Sankeys

All of these people have lost their friends are just dealing with it

You’re unsure as to why you’ve agreed to go to Full Moon at Sankeys. You know you’re going to spend more money than usual due to the minivan you and your friends will pour in and out of, but you hold your nose and drink New Zealand’s award winning Rosé anyway.

Upon arrival at Sankeys you instantly lose all of your friends: absorbed by the strange stair-case system, you accept you may never see them again. A bucket of alcohol in tow, perhaps the smoking area will help you navigate your way back to them, OH BUT WAIT the smoking area is closed. It’s a school night.

Finally, after endless searching and fist pumping with strangers you accept that the black hole that’s Sankeys has swallowed your sanity along with all your mates.

Estimated cost of night at Full Moon Sankeys: £30

(Full Moon has recently turned into P.A.R.T.Y, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be the exact same experience).

Where £30 could take you: A Megabus from Manchester to Amsterdam.

FRIDAY: Warehouse Project

If you look closely you can see people use the human-chain-arm-link to navigate through the crowd

A night at The Warehouse Project is essentially like playing the game “Let’s wait for everyone to come back from the loo” over and over again for five hours. You’ll lose everyone and see everybody else you know there at the same time. WHP will take all of your money, half of your week, and will be incredibly worth it. It will eclipse all other nights out, and you’re definitely going to brag to your friends at different unis about how it sets Manchester’s nightlife on a platform above any other cities, which is true.

Drink prices at WHP are actually kind of a joke, but you buy a couple anyway to have a breather and ease yourself into the night. It’s a marathon after all, and in order to make it out in one piece (albeit slightly broken), the trick is to not try and have the most amount of fun possible in the first two hours.

Estimated cost of night at The Warehouse Project: £80 (Add an extra £40-£100 if you have a friend from either Bristol or Leeds coming for it).

Where £80/£120 could take you: A flight from Liverpool John Lennon to Barcelona.