We asked you what your best excuses are for bailing on a night out

Sometimes we just cba

It’s a known fact that sometimes we’d just rather chill in our pjs with a Sainos ready meal than face another night at Factory. Here are your words of wisdom for bailing on those nights you just can’t face.

Tom, First  year economics 

“Too tired”

Adnaan, first year economics

“Just cba.”  Tell ’em how it is mate

Katie Green and Megan Christopher, 3rd year Law and Politics and 2nd year English and American Studies

“We’d normally just go with ‘I’m feeling a bit ill’.”

Emma and Andrew, lecturers
“I’d probably just say I don’t want to.”

“I’m usually cleaning my fish tank out when I need to get out of going out.”

(Unfortunately they didn’t want their pics taken because it would give away their excuses).

Cathleen, Fashion and Lava, Medicine

Money’s probably the excuse I use most, no one questions you if you say you can’t afford it.”

“Probably that I’ve got too much work, pretty boring but true.”

Simon, Philosophy

“I’m such an old man and would just say that I don’t really like going out”

Ladies rugby team:

Zoe, second year medicine

“I always just say that I’ve got too much uni work.”

“I never normally bail on nights out.”

Mo, petroleum engineering and Ed, Business

“I’ve got bunions on my foot so can’t dance.”

“I just say that i’ve got a family meal – in London.”

Tim, second year biology

“I just say I’ve got labs the next day, always works.”