I tried every hangover cure for a week

Hardest week of my life

With freshers’ week done and dusted, most of us are still resting our broken bodies as we welcomed this year’s newbies to Manchester. But going hard every night does have it’s downfalls – the pounding headaches that take over your 10 AM lectures and the clammy and nauseous ride in on the Magicbus.

Pears, Maccies, raw eggs and a shot of vodka – there are countless remedies that claim to cure a hangover. So, I went on a seven day bender to put them all to the test.

Day 1: Powerade

First of my seven days, my hangover wasn’t too bad. I thought I’d start the week with my personal favourite, picking up a £1.50 Powerade from the Stopford vending machine. It became a daily thing in first year to get through those 9am lectures. The electrolytes in the drink are meant to beat hangovers, as our bodies natural levels become low after a night drinking.

Not even Powerade could improve my mood

Cost: £1.50

Availability: Most buildings around uni

Effectiveness: 8/10

Tips: Cherry over Raspberry


Day 2: Raw egg

This was the one I was looking forward to the least, but apparently James Bond is renowned for solving his martini hangover with a raw egg concoction. Health experts say raw eggs contain cystine which helps the liver to bypass all the alcohol. Cracking it and shotting it before my lecture was a terrible idea.  It nearly made me throw up, but after the initial gag it actually made some of my sickness go away.

It was an egg-speriment

Cost: £2

Availability: Got to buy a 6 pack

Effectiveness: If you don’t throw up you do feel better

Tips: Just stick to cooking them


Day 3: Hair of the dog

Luckily on my third day I didn’t have one of those hangovers where the thought of alcohol made me want to vom, so I tried a shot of vodka before I headed into uni. After a cheap night in playing our mega version of ring of fire the vodka supposedly releases pleasure into the brain but won’t last for ever. It worked better than I thought, but still didn’t get rid of the annoying stomach pains.

Cost: Nothing (If you’ve got it left from the night before!)

Availability: Depends how hard you went the night before

Effectiveness: Good for half an hour or so

Tips: Maybe try a Bloody Mary rather then just a straight shot


Day 4: Pears

Reported to reduce the effects on a hangover by up to 21%, pears are getting a reputation of being hangover heroes. After having to suffer through a night at Fifth Ave I grabbed my pear and tried to forget the regrets from the night before. It was nice to have something that felt fresh and definitely kept me feeling good until lunch time.

It ap-pear-ed to work

Cost: 50p in the SU shop

Availability: SU or Sainsburys

Effectiveness: Did settle my stomach and filled me up

Tips: Have more then one


Day 5: Exercise

Not having an early start I thought I’d try an early morning jog around Fallowfield to sweat out the vodka from the night before. It wasn’t the easiest run, the might have been a few gipping stops, but 10 minutes in and I could feel the alcohol sweating out. Scientists say to keep hydrated otherwise you’ll just make yourself worse.

Sweat it out

Cost: Free

Availability: Everywhere if you have the time.

Effectiveness: Did feel better but stomach can hurt.

Tips: Do a short run and take water.


Day 6: McDonald’s

Everyone craves salt and comfort food when they’re hungover claiming it perks them up, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I know this is everyones go-to, but I have to admit I don’t actually like McDonald’s. Needing something to fill me up I headed in for a chicken burger meal plus an extra student cheeseburger.  I think it does make you feel good for a while, but later in the day your hangover can come back with a vengeance. It eventually dehydrated me even more, and after the initial sugar buzz it just made me sleepy and sluggish.

Cost: £4.29

Availability: Both in Fallowfield and near uni

Effectiveness: Worked till lunch but then felt even worse!

Tips: Always get a milkshake


Day 7: Phizz tablets

Day 7 was hell. After a big one at Pangaea to top off my 7 day marathon, I was left tired, shaky and vommy. I needed something extreme, so thought I’d try something that advertises itself as a hangover cure.  The only item you can’t buy on campus, I ordered the Phizz tablets a few days before. I was skeptical at first, thinking it was just a glamourized Berocca, but they completely got rid of my headache and gave me a huge energy boost without the dreaded caffeine shakes.  Way better than a cup of coffee and paracetamol plus no added sugar.

Fizzy bliss!

Cost: 79p for 2 tablets

Availability: Order them in from www.phizz.co 

Effectiveness: Really good.

Tips: Pop two of them in a bottle of water as you leave the house.