Pet of the week: Meet the dwarf hamsters called Garlic and Mayo

They don’t come with chips

Introducing Garlic and Mayo – two little guys named in a tribute to the best sauce around.

Two little dwarf hamster belong to third year History student Cathy O’Brien, who named them after her favourite condiment garlic mayonnaise.

Cathy told The Tab: “They poop on me and anyone else whenever they get the chance.”

Probably best not to feed them their namesake

You spilled Mayo on my shirt

The stats

Age: 10 weeks

Gender : Both Male (we think)

Size: Hungry hamster Mayo is not self conscious of the fact that he’s larger than little Garlic, but they could both comfortably fit inside a shoe together.

Relationship Status: We don’t like to pry but we’ve often found them snuggled up together in a discreet corner of the cage.

Likes: Being left alone, having a ball in their hamster ball,nibbling your fingers and burrowing into your clothing.

Dislikes: Being woken up before midnight, sitting still.

Favourite film: Stuart Little

Favourite food: Peanuts

Garlic surprisingly doesn’t have bad breath

Onions are the only things which can make you smell worse than garlic mayo

Garlic and Mayo together

Dreaming of last night’s chips

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