How many mates have you made during freshers?

Socialising can be tough


Catching these fresh-faced first years off guard on a rare sunny afternoon in Owen’s Park, we caught up with this year’s freshers to find out how many mates they’ve made so far.

Nathan, History and Economics

photo 1
“0.” (laughs)

Tom, Music

“I have made less than 20 so far.”

Jill, Politics

“Ten billion…and one.” (said in a Boston accent)

James, Biomedical Science

“I’ve made quite a lot of friends. Don’t know exactly though. Sorry!”

Dragos, International Business, Finance and Economics

“Quite a few I think.”

Hannah, Emily and Josie

Josie: “I don’t know, 24 maybe?”

Hannah: “25.”

Emily: “26, definitely.”

Alice, Geography

“I’d say around 20.”

Sherief, Management

photo 5“What like really close friends? Maybe 15.”

Ahmed, Aerospace Engineering

“It’s hard to say. It really depends on your definition of a friend really.”

(ran away before a photo could be taken)