Who was the best dressed at Pangaea?

Did you get your outfit from ‘Luvyababes’

neverland pangea peter pan

It’s always the highlight of the Freshers’ Week calendar, and this year we were transported to a magical Neverland right in our very own SU.

The whole building was completely transformed, with surprises and a truck load of glitter round every corner.

As ever, everyone’s outfits were on point, with the whole place filled with fairies, lost boys and a disturbingly large amount of boys in green tights. Here are some of our best picks from the night.

Who says fairies can’t wear black?

Computer science fresher Daisy shows black is the new green when it comes to fairy couture.

They’ve got half of Whitworth Park on their arms

First years Mimi (English Language and Screen Studies) and Clara (foundation Life Science) serve up some Platt fields realness with their take on the lost boys.

They make it look easy

Dentistry first year Laura (left) nails the classic Wendy look, while musician George (middle) and Music and Drama fresher Harriet (right) style it out as some of Tinkerbell’s besties.

Coordinating with the squad

The freshers of flat 18 in Aberdeen house fulfil every squad’s goals, with their flawless matching lost boys outfits.

If fairies clubbed in Deansgate

The girls of M1a in Owen’s Park show us it’s not all about green tights and tutus with their alternative fairy looks.

Nailed it

Drama and English second year Charlotte pairs a glittery playsuit and doc martins for sassy Tinkerbell chic.

I don’t remember a frog being in Peter Pan

These Ashburne freshers show us variety is key by covering most outfit options in one group.

It took us a while to get it

Criminology first year Sam takes the theme of “Neverland” to a whole new level.

Lock up your sons

Second year linguist Ryan shows blondes really do have more fun with his take on tropical pirate chic.

If Peter Pan went to Parklife

P.P.E third year Asher adds a patterned bum bag to a classic Peter Pan outfit for extra vibes.