Meet the freshers and their parents


As freshers flock to Manchester this week, we went to OP to ask the people who’ve known them longest what they’ll miss about them.

Eleanor and mum Sue, Somerset

“I’ll miss her messiness because it makes her house feel lived in, but I won’t miss the fact that she keeps all the mugs in her room!”

Cry Factor: 7/10

Luke and his dad

“I’ll be glad to finally see the floor of his bedroom, although he has got better recently!”

Cry Factor: 0/10

Leonie and mum Veronica, London

“I’ll miss the endless cups of tea, but not all the plates she leaves in the sink.”

Cry Factor: 5/10

George, mum Ann and dad, Wales

“I’ll miss him helping to bring the shopping in, he does leave all the light on in the house though.”

Cry Factor: 4/10

Isobel, mum Barbara and dad, West Sussex

“She can be messy so I won’t miss that, but I’ll miss everything else about her.”

Cry Factor: 8/10

 Freya and dad Mark, Bolton

“I’ll miss her sparkling wit.”

Cry Factor: 10/10

Cicely, mum Amanda and dad, Norwich

“She’s an amazing cook so we’ll miss that the most.”

Cry Factor: 5/10

Florence and mum Caren, Hertfordshire

“I’m already getting emotional, I’ll just miss her normal happy self.”

Cry Factor: 10/10

Dan and dad Reg, Bournemouth

“I’m not looking forward to the hole he’ll leave in the house, but he could make his bed once in a while!”

Cry Factor: 0/10

Olivia, mum Anne and dad, Wigan

“I’ll miss having a good chat and a gossip the most.”

Cry Factor: 8/10

Liam, mum Linda and dad, Lincolnshire

“I won’t miss his ‘I’ll do it later’ response when I ask him to do things but I will miss how much fun we have together.”

Cry Factor: 9/10