Pangaea bans bindis

Organisers say it’s a form of cultural appropriation

Bindis and feather headdresses have been banned from this year’s Pangaea, Manchester’s biggest freshers’ week SU night.

Pangaea partygoers will have to be extra careful this year when choosing what to wear, after organisers of the Neverland themed bash released guidelines about what is and isn’t appropriate fancy dress.

The statement explains that any costume considered to be a form of cultural appropriation will be banned and the wearer will be asked to remove the item before entry.

This includes bindis, Native American headdresses and any other garments worn by minority cultures.

The statement said : “This caution directly reflects the immense lack of respect towards Minority groups, and other historically oppressed groups. To wear an item or to attempt to embody and culture that does not belong to your own personal systems of traditions can be perceived as mockery of others’ culture.

“This situation fuses into a framework called ‘Cultural Appropriation’, and it perpetuates racism and discrimination.”

This message is backed by The Black and Minority Ethnic Students Campaign, BME MCR.

People wearing bindis will be refused entry if they don’t remove them

The general reaction from pangaea-lovers is positive, thinking the new guidelines are a step in the right direction. Third year Laura was thrilled: “I think it’s fair enough, there’s no need for it and people don’t really think when it comes to fancy dress a lot of the time. Aside from that, the white girl bindi trend generally needs to stop.”

Some however, think it’s unnecessary. Bindi-loving second year Lucy said: ” I think it’s a bit of a overreaction, seeing as there are characters dressed in Native American clothing in the film.”

Organisers are still encouraging attendees to have fun with their costumes, but urge them to think carefully about the cultural significance of their clothing choices and whether it could be considered offensive.